Frequently asked questions

Cleans Online has created a mobile application for you to book cleaning services at any time of day.

In the App you create your profile and include basic information to get going such as the postcode you live in to confirm that the service you are looking for is available, the service that you want to book, the range of customisable options that you would like included and the date/time you would like the service delivered. Based on a combination of many factors, such as your individual premises specifications, your precise location and your detailed service needs, pricing is calculated and provided to you along with the availability options for the service to be delivered.

The Cleans Online mobile application gives you an accurate pricing and instant bookings based on the information you provided.

Our carefully designed booking system means that at the click of a button, you can let us know when and where you need cleaning services. You’ll know how much it will cost, be able to pay online and sit back, knowing your cleaners are on their way.

We’ll notify you as soon as we receive your booking, confirming all the details.

  • Select the date and time you require our services
  • We’ll confirm your appointment and take care of payment electronically and securely
  • Right on time, our team will arrive, to provide the cleaning service.

After you order a cleaning service, Cleans Online mobile application sends you a couple of notifications: the first notification you will receive when a cleaner accepts your request. You will receive information about the cleaner who has accepted your job along with their rating information.

Second when the cleaner has arrived at your premises and starts the job, you will receive a notification that the cleaning service has started.

Third, you will also receive a notification when the cleaner ends the cleaning service informing you that the work has been completed.

In the case of the assigned cleaner must cancel the job, a notification will be sent to you and Cleans Online will endeavour to find you a replacement cleaner at the same time and date. You can receive these notifications as SMS or push notifications.

We are rolling out this service in stages as more and more cleaning partners come onto our system. Once we are ready in your area, we will notify you via sms or through the app and you can start using the services.

Life sometimes gets in the way of a good clean. If this happens, you have up until 24 hours prior to your booking to cancel. Cancellations made within 24 hours of the booking happening will incur a cancellation fee.

Our team use high end cleaning products in all services, ensuring they only use the best products for your home. Our cleaner partners offer a professional cleaning service, and this requires professional equipment too, which is why commercial quality equipment are used to clean your property.

Yes. once the cleaner arrives and starts the cleaning, you will get a message notifying that the cleaning process has started. You will also receive another message informing you when the cleaning has finished.

It is your choice to be or not to be around when the cleaners are cleaning. However, we recommend that are not around so that the cleaners are not distracted and get about their task in hand. Our professional cleaners are all trustworthy, reliable people. So, rest assured that you premise, and property are in safe hands.

For now, you can pay using any major credit card which is accepted through our online payment gateway. A safe and easier way of paying for the service. Soon, we hope to have other payment options to be included.

All our payments are taken online via a secured payment gateway, which meets all PCI-DSS requirements. So yes!

Sometimes things happen. If you are running late to provide access, please let the cleaner know via the mobile app. The cleaners too can communicate with you via chat through the App.

Before someone is accepted into our team, they undergo stringent evaluation. For your security, all our professional cleaners are required to pass background and police checks. We select people for their ability to deliver a quality service.